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Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday is Here Already? Kitchen Update and a Great Deal

We are still trying to get our kitchen fixed.  If you don't remember what I'm talking about you can catch up here and here. After having a hole in our wall for months, we decided that if we were going to try and make the best of the situation we were going to remodel. Yup, you heard right. Since we had a hole in the wall and are supposed to be getting new flooring we were going to make the kitchen how we wanted it! Sooo... we decided to take out the ugly 80's style apartment sliding door and put in a nice backdoor with blinds in the glass (because boxers love to terrorize mini blinds) and move the window down. The fridge was covering part of the window, but it no longer does! The fridge is getting moved down and we are going to add a pantry cabinet where the fridge used to be. So, what was accomplished in just ONE day you ask? Well, here are the photos.

It started raining about 30 minutes into the project, so the boys moved inside to tear everything out.
The holes where the window and sliding door USED to be. And my boo thang being a man getting all dirty and shit.
oh, did I mention they also took the siding off the back of the house? Well, we are going to get new siding for the entire house! Woot!
Oh, and I also forgot to mention that my Uncle is a contractor, so between he and Big T (who was an electrician in the Army) they got shit done with a quickness.
Covering up the hole where the old window used to be. And if you look at the left hand side, that's the frame for the new window.
Mr. hanging out the window, mad because I was making him smile.
  And... this is the finished product. For now at least. We are havign a company re-side the entire house, so the boys didn't put any new siding up. Yup, we are those cooties with house wrap on the back of the house.
Next up, we are having the insurance company pay for the new floor and putting up the wall on the inside, so they are going to send a company out ASAP to do that. While they do that we are going to continue to get estimates on siding, a new roof, and windows for the entire house. After the new floor is put in, we are going to add the pantry cabinet, paint all the cabinets with Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations and the Rust-Oleum Counter Transformations.
These are the two cabinet colors I am debating between. Which do you like better? Let me know, becuase we are having the hardest time deciding!


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  1. I'm voting for Tudor!!! But it might help to consider your kitchen furniture and decor. Congrats on getting everything moving along! It'll look great once it's done!

  2. can't wait to see the finished product! i also vote tudor :)

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I like the castle but I'm a big fan of grey. WOW quite the renovation...aren't you getting married soon too? I actually just went back to make sure I didn't make it up that you are planning a wedding too. You are one tough girl :)


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